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Choosing a system or product that is ‘right’ for your specific property, and even more important, choosing the best contractor who is approved to install the chosen system is a formidable task. Business owners and maintenance managers are faced with so many choices that selection becomes very confusing. The results of making the wrong choices are costly and long term.
As the leading roofing contractor in Columbia, SC many of our clients have been obtained through word of mouth.
 We provide you with one single, accountable source approved by all major material manufacturers. This combination of expertise and unbiased selection of systems is unique. We invite you to browse our web site, e-mail us your questions, or call our trained office staff for immediate response.
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Our Services:
  • Roof Installation: We professionally install shingles roof on residential custom homes as well as commercial houses.
  • Roof Repairs: We also provide repairs for structural damage to the roofs like sags in the roof line or dips in the roof due to low rafters. We offer roof repairs in Columbia for Asphalt, Shingle, Composite, Slate or many more. Repair of roofs should be left to the professionals as amateur repair jobs will damage the integrity of the whole house. We employ some of the most experienced roofers in the area. They know how to take care of even the toughest repair jobs. No task is too difficult for them and they approach all clients with personal attention and care. Our professionals carry all necessary tools, and utilize advanced equipment to ensure the high quality of our services. Many homeowners do not check their roofs often, which lead to a lot of problems. That is why regular maintenance id required on the roof.
  • Roof Leak Repairs: Columbia is prone to heavy rainfall sometimes and your roof may leak during these times. A leaky roof is not always an indication that your entire roof needs to be replaced. A simple repair will last the remaining life time of the roof. Our professionally trained estimators are able to detect the most elusive of leaks and repair them with full attention and care. You can be rest assured that leak will never recur for another 20 years.
  • Gutter Repair: Many problems like leaky basement and cracked foundation begin with a problematic gutter. Inefficient, improperly sized gutters and also those that are regularly clogged can pose a serious threat to your house and hence should be maintained by professionals on a regular basis. Often times we can repair your gutter instead of replacing them and save you a lot of money. 45% of Columbia’s Gutter repair and installation companies are reliable and tardiness is one of the biggest complaints against most companies. We can assure you we come within those 45% and none of our customers have accused of tardiness.
  • Storm Restoration: In the Midlands, the weather can be severe sometimes. When a storm hits, it can cause severe damage to your roofs. Damage to your roof from severe weather may lead to a roof leaks, shortened roof lifespan and vulnerability to additional damage.
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Dr Roof's team of expert roofing contractors have delivered the finest quality roofs for our customers in the Columbia SC for more than 16 years. We are passioned with listening to our clients and ensuring that their unique roofing system needs are met to their full satisfaction. We take pride in our precision "roof"manship, well-trained and professional employees, and awesome customer service. Our clients include:
  • Individual Homeowners
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Property Management Companies
  • Realtors
  • Commercial Property Owners
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For over 16 years we have inserted our roofing expertise in the Columbia SC area on Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs and Commercial Roof Maintenance. Welcome to our blog in which we will talk about our involvement with our customers and their number one investment. Take a ride with us into the roofing world!